Lutron Aurora Error

When trying to setup Lutron Aurora within the app I keep getting this error. I’ve updated everything as well as tried changing the Zigbee channel. Other switches (hue ones) all work fine. Suggestions?

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Thanks for the details! This appears to be a bug in the current version of Hue Essentials. It will be fixed in the next version (Android 1.12.0 and iOS 1.6.0) which should be available soon. Please let me know if the update resolves your issue.

Hi Jeffrey, the update for Hue Essentials is now available. Could you check if your issue is resolved in the update?

I’ve got the current update, and also installed the beta, but instead of giving an error Hue Essentials simply crashes. Here’s a debug log I dumped grep-ing for ‘hue’, if that helps!

It’s working for me. Thanks!

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Hi @Ceralor, could you share your crash identifier? You can find it in Hue Essentials by opening the left menu, tap Help & feedback, tap Identifier. Please copy the identifier and reply here or send an email to Thanks!