Lights do not switch on within room set up

I have 10 x colour HUE colour spotlights grouped into a room (Lounge). This set up has been working fine for the last 2 years.

Recently, 1 or 2 of these lights (always the same ones) do not switch on when I turn on main Lounge lights switch in the app…although they do not show as unreachable.

My solution so far has been to delete the two lights and then set up again and add to the lounge group. This rectifies the issue - but then it repeats a few days later.

I have also tried deleting all of the 10 lights and the Lounge room and setting up again. This also only works for a day or two before the issue returns.

Does anyone have any ideas as to how to permanently fix this?


I am sorry to hear about this problem. What type of bridge are you using? It looks like a bug on your bridge, so I am afraid that there is not much we can do. Hue Essentials sends a single command on Philips Hue and deCONZ to turn on/off a group, so if not all lights respond, it is probably because of a bug in the bridge.

Are you able to control those two lights individually when the group switch does not respond?

Hi Thomas - thanks for your reply.

I am using the HUE 2.1 bridge.

I am unable to control the lights at all when the issue occurs. I have noticed however that even when the room is ‘working’ and switched off…those 2 lights do not fully switch off…they are still on albeit very faintly.

Does it sound like I need to get a new bridge?

If the issue is also happening in the Hue app, it is probably your bridge that is faulty. You could try a factory reset and see if that helps, otherwise it is best to get in touch with Philips Hue.