Light connects but stay bright white light green or light tryd rberythingred won't change colors


Thanks for the crash identifier. What I can see is that the app has trouble reading the information about your Hue Bluetooth light.

I am working on improvements for Hue Bluetooth which could maybe improve the connection for you. Those improvements will be available in version 1.22.0 for Android.

Could you try restarting your phone? If that does not do anything, could you try deleting the light in the app and in your phone Bluetooth settings and pair it again?

It’s actually done it to two of them now within a month haven’t figured anything out for it so take the first one back got a new one didn’t think they were going to let me take the second one back to get a new one but they did last night so I’m all good thank you

Connecting the lights to a Hue bridge instead of using Bluetooth works much better by the way. Bluetooth does not always work as expected on all types of phones.