LIDL Xmas tree lighting

Great news is on the horizon.

Thomas Vos is programming his fingers to the bone and as a result HUE Essentials will soon be able to control the effects of the LIDL Christmas tree lighting.

It already works as a BETA version combined with the Phoscon Bridge (and, of course, with LIDL bridge and App)
Unfortunately it is not possible to control the LIDL Christmas tree lighting via the original Philips HUE Bridge. This bridge, as well as IKEA and others, does not accept the Christmas Tree Strip yet.

A Xmas gift from HUE Essentials that maybe makes the dark days of Corona Lockdown a little bit brighter and sparkling


Cool, but I only have the hue bridge, mostly because I want to use entertain with my ambilight TV. Since I don’t want to have multiple bridges, is this something possible in the future to be integrated? Or will Philips usually not fully allow it?
For now I’m fine for the two weeks a year I’ll use it to activate the scenes by button. But a speed control to slow them down would definitely make them more acceptable :wink:

In case someone missed it, you can get pretty straight colors when setting light level to 39%

P.S. The only thing I really miss is to get the white LED through the hue bridge. Only rgb ugly white if app is activated.

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  1. There is possible to rename names to my language?
  2. How to control from Wear OS device?
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Hello vpa,

  1. what is your language and what/what names exactly do you want to translate or have translated?
  2. since I don’t own any wearable devices, I don’t have an answer to this.

to clarify, I am only a user of HUE Essentials and a beta tester, but only for the Android version. I get new versions before release and try them out, and if I find a bug I report it to the developers. For the LIDL Christmas tree lights, the goal was to get it working before Christmas. A translation of the menu is very complex and cannot be done by the user. Nevertheless, it is possible to make proposals. Since Hue Essentials is offered in about 50 languages, the translations are adapted only from time to time. Partly the translations are based on the work of volunteers, partly they are done by professional translators.


This is not possible yet, we may do this through an update in the future.

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It is not possible to add Lidl Christmas tree lighting on the hue bridge, I don’t know wether Philips will add this feature.

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Philips Hue will keep its limitations. The LIDL Christmas lights are Tuya based and as such use different types of Zigbee commands.

For Phoscon (deCONZ) bridge, this is “translated” which we use in Hue Essentials. Developers at deCONZ worked hard on this. We then integrated all in Hue Essentials.

When it comes to Philips Hue, there is no API which makes this adaption. Any command we send will get there but receives a possibily wrong interpretation.

I doubt Signify will update their bridge for such third party devices with alternate Zigbee commands. Just like they did not integrate devices like the Trådfri smart controls.

You are right about the brightness point to correct colours.

I would like to translate names of effects of Melinera /Lidl Christmas strip.

I understand, Christmas are closer very quickly.

Thanks everyone for clarifying, I am pretty new to hue so I did not know how open Philips is for third party support. Guess not very much :face_with_raised_eyebrow: