LEDVANCE A19 RGBW bulb - no color controls

I don’t know exactly when this started but on both Android and Windows, e Hue Essentials is showing on white temp controls, not RGB controls like it did months ago. Other apps (like Phoscon) show all the proper RGB controls, and they work fine.

Deconz 18.2
Conbee 1
LEDVANCE Model A19 RGBW, version 00102411

Hi, could you please share a screenshot of this light under the Devices tab in Hue Essentials?

attached screenshot of Devices tab, and the ‘details’

Thanks! It seems the device type is incorrectly reported. It says “Color temperature light”, but it should be something like “Extended color light”. That is why Hue Essentials only shows a color temperature slider. I’m not sure why this is happening, it could be a deCONZ bug or a light specific bug.

Hi Thomas,
That same device is recognized, and works, as RGB in Phoscon (screen in post 1) and with my Homeseer/JowiHue apps… that means deConz must be providing the proper ID, and Hue Essentials is not processing it correctly. Bug in HE

No, it’s not a bug in Hue Essentials as deCONZ reports the light as a Color temperature light (which does not support RGB). That’s what the screenshot says, so it is a deCONZ bug. I found the following PR where the bug was introduced. It seems the light type is forced to the (obviously) incorrect type.

Original PR: Initial support for LEDVANCE aka Sylvania BR30 and A19 by EricPalmquist · Pull Request #3721 · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub
Also a related issue: Sylvania S+ 73693 missing tunable white settings · Issue #3365 · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub

Can you please respond to the following issue with the DDF of your light so the issue can be fixed? In the deCONZ UI (so not Phoscon, but the deCONZ UI), select your light, right click, click Edit DDF, and share the DDF text content?

OK, just posted the DDF in the Issue.
Seems odd that 2 other apps (completely different apps) see it and control it as RGB

Changed the DDF and now HE works, controls the colors.
FYI… HE still shows it as an unknown light

Thanks for sharing the DDF, I hope it will be fixed soon. It could be the other apps are looking at different attributes or have workarounds implemented for this light. Maybe I will add a workaround if it’s not fixed soon.

Great to hear you are able to control the colours now. The unknown light issue will be fixed in the next version of the app.