Is there any way to change the temperature from the motion sensor from fahrenheit to Celsius

At least being able to change from °F to °C in the widget would be nice.

What phone are you using? There should be an option in the settings of Hue Essentials for Android to change the temperature unit. However, I noticed a bug in the app which causes this option to not show up. This will be fixed in the next version for Android (app version 2.3.6). Thank you for the feedback!


Is there a timeline for this to be available? I have a Pixel 6 Pro, Android 14, latest version of Hue Essentials for me seems to be 2.2.0

If there’s a way to get the APK I’m happy to manually install 2.3.6.


I have a Samsung s21 ultra and the app version is 2.3.4 I guess I have to wait for 2.3.6, there’s no update available on the playstore yet

I have a Samsung S23 with Android 13 using the 2.3.4 App. I’ll await the 2.3.6

Version 2.3.7 is now available on Google Play