Is there a way to save the blue lights / dance sensation on my hue bridge so I can use it with a schedule?

Heya, so I’m very new to hue essentials (and home automation at all, to be fair)
I’m currently trying to get it set up so I have an alarm go off every day at x hours so I can get out of bed in time.
Don’t ask me why but I’ve decided I’d love to be woken up by a police siren and the blue lights effect from hue essentials, but it’s telling me I need the effect saved on my bridge before I can set up schedules with it.

Have been unable to find a way to do that, is there a convenient way to simply save the blue lights effect on my bridge? Or will I have to emulate it in the creation tool to the best of my ability.

Thanks in advance!

You cannot start the entertainment programs from the bridge as they play from the phone.

What you can do instead, is create an effect using the Effect Creator so it flashes like the police lights. It will be a bit slower, but at least you can use it in the schedules.

See also: Police lights to activate when a socket turned on