Is there a way to automatically change scenes after a certain time, even when the light is unpowered?

I live in an apartment with regular light switches attached to power outlets with lamps plugged in. I have automation set up for all of my lights based on sunrise and sunset, that fades between the default Relaxed and Energized scenes, but the automation doesn’t work if I use the wall switch to power off the lights.

Is there a way to get the app to detect that the lights have power again, and switch the scenes without me having to do it manually every day? I figured if it’s after sunset, and my lights are turned back on, then the app should see that they have the wrong scene and just switch them, but it’ll stay stuck on whatever I left it on. So in the morning, I have to switch my living room scene to energized, and at night, I have to switch my bedroom scene to relaxed. It’s a pain.

No this is not possible and will also not be possible in the future. You really need a smart switch for this. On the smart switch you can create different automations for different time ranges with your preferred scenes.