Is Lifx + hue together as a sync

Hey all!
Just got a lifx colour zone strip and was trying to workout if i can set it up with my hue sync setup of:

1 x gradient
2 x play bars
2 x 3m Lightstrips
1 x 2m Lightstrip
1 x Portable light (Hue Go?)

Obviously under the 10 device cap, but im not sure if the two platforms can be combined in a entertainment zone? If anyone can give a definitive answer that would be great

This is possible with Sync in Hue Essentials. You need to create two entertainment areas, one with your Philips Hue lights on a Hue bridge, and another one with your LIFX lightstrip. Then for the Sync you can select both entertainment areas.

Note that the 10 light limit is only for a Hue bridge.

See also the following for more information: Sync (Entertainment) on your phone or Android TV

Oh awesome thanks! Sorry i had looked around a bit but must of missed that you can have multiple zones active. Cheers