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Is it possible to unlock more zones in the Gradient Play Lightstrip?

Hey guys, I’ve just invested in this wonderful app which in turn introduced me to the potential that Philips Hue has, so in the end i took the plunge and upgraded to Philips Hue for its entertainment music and video sync (used to have my entire home with Ikea Tradfri which was fine in its own way).

However, It took me a while to figure out after buying a Gradient LightStrip Play that this strip only has 7 lousy zones in the official App and Hue Essentials.

When you have lightstrips that sell for almost half the price with the same color intensity and has more than 30 zones, AND they go around the TV on all 4 sides such as Litmy Ambilight for PC, it makes you feel a bit embarrased for investing so much money in something that is clearly of inferior quality.

What boggles my mind is that this strip is actually capable of displaying more zones besides its software imposed limit. The lightstrip itself can actually display far more zones when choosing 3 colors so its obvious that this limitation makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Im wondering, is it possible for Hue Essentials to somehow bypass this limit? Maybe by a custom firmware upgrade or bypass by software only using a different method when syncing?

Right now im really unhappy with the fact that my 55inch tv is divided into 3 huge zones at the top and the sides by only 2!

Am i missing something? there must be something we can do, it cant be this bad and nobody complaining about it, it really is abysmal in comparison to any proper ambilight implementation for way cheaper.

It does not look like it is possible to get more zones working. When using the colour picker you can select 3 colours in the Hue App, and 5 in Hue Essentials. When using entertainment (like Sync) it can show 7 colours.

With a Hue bridge this limit can definitely not be changed. Unless Philips Hue decides to change this of course. Using the official API there is a hard limit of 5 colours, and 7 for entertainment.