IPTV Set-top box does not work well after installing Hue Sync Box

I have connected IPTV set-top box, Hue Play Sync Box, and LG Smart TV with HDMI cables in this order.
Now the 55" light strip works well, which syncs with the colors of the TV display.

The problem is that I cannot watch TV right after turning on the TV. Before using the Hue Sync Box, the TV channel I was watching when I turned off the TV appeared right away if I turn on the TV. Now, the default TV display appears and shows the message that the set-top box is off even though it is on. I can watch TV when I press the channel +/- button on the set-top box remote.

This is just one more touch but it is very annoying. Can I make this work normally as before installing Hue Sync Box?