iPadOS 13.4 crash on app start

I wanted to to test the app. But it open one time and close immediatley. It would be nice to fix this bug. thank you in advance.

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Thanks for your feedback. Could you try again with the latest Hue Essentials version? It contains some bug fixes which could fix your start-up crash.

Alternatively, could you uninstall Hue Essentials and reinstall it from the App Store, and try again?

Hi, I was able to reproduce the startup crash on iPadOS 13.4. There is a fix in Hue Essentials version 1.3.2 which is currently going through App Store review.

The Apple review is delayed. Apple insists on a direct statement from Philips Hue / Signify Netherlands BV that they allow us to develop under their terms of use and conditions using branding like “for Philips Hue” and to control their hardware. The latter refers to your bridge and or lights. We are in talks with Signify to see what can be done. They picked up our signal on Twitter.

See German news coverage:


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Please use our TestFlight release 1.3.3 temporarily until the issue with the App Store is over. This is a beta release. Download link can be found on HueEssentials.com.