iOS widget temperature - loading error

I am using the temperature widget on my iPhone, but the widget does not work well. I get a very short time to see the temperature and then “loading is not possible”.

Anybody an idea how to solve it?

I use the latest software version and iOS firmware but in the previous versions it was present as well

I am not sure why it is not working for you. Could you let me know all the types of bridges you have connected in Hue Essentials? Please also share your crash identifier: Crash identifier

We are planning to introduce new iOS 14 widgets in a future update, which will replace the widgets that are currently available. So that could fix the issue as well as we need to rewrite the widgets completely. See the following for updates: Add support for iOS 14 widgets

Hi @Thomas,

I have attached two Hue square bridges (model BSB002) with the latest firmware. And my iPhone has indeed iOS 14.6

Crash ID: ECE9FDB7-15F3-4236-89FA-8CB0887CF33F

Hi Bart, apologies for the delay in my response.

We have added new iOS 14 widgets which include a new temperature widget. See How can I add widgets to my Home screen?

Could you let me know if the new widgets work for you? The new widgets should work much better than the old widgets due to improvements in iOS.

Hi Thomas,

I have reinstalled the app and tried it again, and again the widget did not load…
However, when I added a widget on my iPhone via the + button instead of the adjustment of the widget screen via the Apple settings it worked.

So there are two different ways to add the widget of which one is not working.

Issue solved now.

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Great to hear it is working now, thanks for letting me know.

The old widgets are still available for compatibility with iOS 13. I think you may have added the old temperature widget through the Apple settings screen.