iOS Temperature Widget: No connection

On my iPhone 11 with the beta app I have an issue with the temperature widget. The widget worked like a charm till I had some trouble with my deconz gateway and reset it. Everything else seems to work well after pairing hue essentials to deconz again.

Now I do not know how make the widget working again.

Edit because I can’t attach more than one picture:
In the app I can see the four aqara sensors with temperature, pressure and humidity.

Hi, sorry to hear the widget is not working as expected. Are you connected on your local WiFi network? Could you remove the widget and add it again? Are you only using deCONZ or other bridges as well?

Hi Thomas,

I was connected to my local network, when it did not work and I had removed and add the widget without success. The only bridge I use in HE is decent (I have a Tradfri GW in my network, but use it only to link the Ikea media control button to a Sonos speaker).

But some days after I wrote about the issue, I saw the widget working again. Since than, it is working like expected.
So I think, there is nothing left to do, and I don’t know, how to reproduce the issue. :slight_smile:

But thank you for your support!!