Intents for Hue Bluetooth


Is it possible to trigger Intents for Hue Bluetooth lights which aren’t using a bridge? If so, where would I find or put for the bridge ID? I tried a few combinations but couldn’t find something that worked.

I was trying to set the level using:

This didn’t seem to be an option via the Tasker plugin which I have used so far.



You should be able to use PHILIPS-HUE-BLUETOOTH as the bridge ID. I think that will work. Need to document this somewhere, thanks for letting me know.

That works, thanks.

I think I tried with and without spaces before but hadn’t thought to try dashes.


I found something strange with the smart plug Philips hue in bluetooth

I’ve create 3 widgets :

  • one that switch the plug on/off
  • one that set the plug ON
  • one that set the plug OFF

If I click on the first, the plug switch all the time and work great
But the 2 others widget don’t trigger the plug every time, except if I do a double click on the widget. In that case that work every time

I try to reproduce the 3 same tasks in Tasker with intent and I have the same result. (using PHILIPS-HUE-BLUETOOTH bridge)
The TOGGLE_GROUP intent work every time and the 2 SET_GROUP_STATE intents work every time only if I launch quickly 2 times in a row.

Why didn’t that work all the time with single click ?