Integrate schedule to Alexa Routine

I installed Hues Essential yesterday because of the possibility to add it to the new power menu of Android 11.

For sure I want to replace to whole oroginal Hue app.

But I got 2 Problems with schedules:

  1. I created a “natural wake up scene” in original Hue app, which is turned off in the app. But I can see and use this as a “scene” in the Alexa app an use it in routines their.
    I created a similiar schedule in the Essentials app which is not displaying as a scene in Alexa. Is there a chance to get ?

2.Same thing as reverse: I created an “personal go to sleep scene” in hue betal labs, which fades out a group of light by starting the scene (also visible in Alexa)
Is it possible to create such a scene in Essential: just found a way to start it manually in the app.


We do not support Alexa at this time. Please see the following topic for updates about Alexa support: Amazon Alexa support