INNR bulbs RS226

Can you please add support for INNR RS226 bulbs, the application shows them with an exclamation mark … thank you

Thanks for letting me know. I will add an icon for this light in the next update (Android 1.15.1 and iOS 1.9.1). Should be available within a few days.

I have another unrecognized light type: Ledvance Undercabinet TW Z3. I reported it some weeks ago through the app, so just checking whether that report has reached you…

Also, does the app already support the Hue luster P45 E14? I just ordered a pair.

Great to see such active development!


OK, now fine :+1:
Thank you @Thomas

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I still need to add an icon for the Ledvance Undercabinet TW Z3, hope to do that soon. The Hue luster bulbs have been added already.