Improve zone setup for LIFX Z Strip with entertainment programs

Have the hue gradient strip behind my TV and have now put up a 4m (2m + 2 x 1m extensions) lifx colour zones strip on another wall.

Tv is mounted on wall, strip runs up high along my sliding doors to outside, which is to the right of my couch.

Would love if there was a way to get the zone effects working there. Obviously wont be massive amounts of variance but i feel it would certainly really add some depth to the entertainment lighting experience.

Another alternative ive thought of is extending it and placing it around my entertainment unit and relocating the two hue strips i have currently around it. Again the colour zones would certainly add to the experience (which is why i have 2 hue strips currently as i can better setup the lighting that way)

I am currently working on improvements for the entertainment programs and will see what I can do with your request.