Impossible to use FOH switches with Deconz

Corrected: I’ve been using the Hue Essentials app from one of its earlier versions. It works quite well, except for the Friend of Hue switches. Every time I try to bind more than 3 events, the entire button gets corrupted and becomes unusable. I posted some feedback about six months ago, but I think it can’t be fixed.

As a heavy user with many lights and multiple bridges, I’m now switching to Deconz instead of the Philips Hue bridges. However, I’m encountering some issues there too:

When setting up the Gira FOH switch (I have 25 of them), I encounter the following error
“Unexpected error:
Expected NAME but found {scene=8}, a java.util.HashMap, at path $./rules/50/actions[1].body.”

The scene number in the error varies. I’ve tried multiple times but keep encountering this issue. Sometimes the switch isn’t configured at all, but sometimes it works after a few attempts. In the bridge’s sources, I notice that the rule counter is increasing, even though they aren’t visible in the switch.

Second issue with Deconz:
When I create a room, it isn’t visible in the Phoscon app, while the groups are visible.

Third issue with Deconz:
A small detail: the default concentrate scene is the same as the bright scene, and not like the Philips Hue scene, which makes the light whiter.

I hope someone can assist with these issues.