Ikea Symfonisk controller on Philips bridge?

Can i connect the Ikea Symfonisk controller to the hue bridge?
If yes; How?

No problem at all. It works just like the other IKEA on/off switch. Follow the steps in our video https://youtu.be/XYLDtL7YmZw

It can dim the light by rotation and switch on/off by pressing the button. If control is off, then dim won’t work until you switch on the button. If it was switched off by button, you can still control it through Hue Essentials.

Oh, i see i didnt express my self quite clear. I meant is it possible to connect the controller to the bridge, to controll the symfonisk sonos speakers.
Ive gotten some answers elsewhere, so it seems it is not possible.

I theory it could work with a zigbee reciever on an arduino with a wifi module to communicate(?), but i guess that is out of scope for this website.

The Philips Hue bridge is incompatible with Symfonisk / Sonos speakers. The controller send a signal over Zigbee to IKEA Gateway which then sends a signal over WiFi / ethernet to speakers.