IKEA scenes with voice assistants / 3rd party physical switch

Hi all,
hueessential is a great app. congrats.

I am writing for a simple question related to scenes activation / deactivation on IKEA tradfri.

As you may know Ikea recently released scenes in the new app version, still dedicated Ikea switches are not yet avaialble nor voice assistants (google home / alexa) seem to allow voice based scene selection.

Do you have any suggestion on either one of the 2 below use cases i would like to implement?

  1. Change scenes via google home / alexa? I was thinking to leverage hueessential + tasker + some voice assistant plugin, but it seems to me overcomplicated…

  2. Change scenes, leveraging physical switch, maybe connected to Hueessential (as IKEA platform seems quite closed)?


  1. We do not support Google Home at this time. I think your suggestion with using Tasker is a good idea for now.
  2. Would you like to use a physical switch to control IKEA scenes? In that case, I think the easiest solution would be to use deCONZ instead of the IKEA gateway for that.