Ikea - Hue Bridge - homekit


I’ve used Hue Essentials to setup Ikea drivers and bulbs via touchlink and the Philips Bridge. it works great in the HE and native Philips app. Also have a couple of native Philips bulbs/strips etc that works great in conjuction with the touchlinked paired Ikea ones.

Apart from above I also have the Ikea Gateway that controls my blinds.

The problem:

The Touchlinked items wont show up in homekit.

The blinds via the gateway works great.

The Native Philips works great too in homekit.

Latest Os on all devices. Have an iPad air for homehub. Factory resetted the Philips Bridge but still no difference. Quite sure it worked some time ago but havent really had time to setup my homekit home until now.

Anyone had similar issues?

Thanks in advance,

The Philips Hue Bridge only shows original bulbs to Homekit, not 3rd party.
Only way to show them is either via the original bridge or you’d need to setup Homebridge on a spare Raspberry Pi.

Thank You, Yves!

Looks like my Hoobs License will come in handy again. Just started to tie everything together and used hoobs in the begining without really understanding what I was doing and thought I werent gonna need it. Till I now, a couple of months later realised Homekit is quite handy after all :slight_smile:

Thanks again!