Hue smartplug as mesh extension

I’m trying to extend the range of the Hue motion sensor by installing a Hue smartplug half way between the sensor and the Hue bridge. I wonder if it is enough to connect the smartplug to the bridge, or do I also need to connect it separately to the sensor.It is powered, but doesn’t show up on the accessory list :thinking:. I wonder why…:hear_no_evil:

The smart plug should appear under your lights, so not under the smart controls / accessories. Just connecting the smart plug to the bridge should be good enough. You can connect it in Hue Essentials by going to the devices tab, tap the + button, tap Plug, select your Hue bridge, and search for lights.

Thank you for your tips :+1:

Another question on the same topic. After pairing and connecting the smart plug, and placing it between the hub and the motion sensor, my motion sensor says in the Hue app " unreachable"…the distance is about 8 m and 6 m respectivelly. Few days ago it worked, now it doesn’t seem the sensor gets the signal :thinking: Do I need to pair the sensor again to the smartplug ? Or the hub…??
It’s a but confusing :crazy_face::hear_no_evil:

A Hue plug/light has a range of about 10 meters. Maybe the motion sensor it a bit too far away (walls reduce the range).

The motion sensor shouldn’t have to be paired again, it should just pick up the connection automatically once it is in range and motion is detected. You could try pairing it again to the bridge, but I am afraid it will not fix the real issue.

I would suggest adding more lights/plugs or placing the motion sensor closer to the plug and see if that solves your issue.