Hue Smart Button to trigger motion detected for Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor

Hi Everyone,

I’m wondering if the following is possible please.

I have 3 outdoor lights, two on the front of my house and one round the side by the front door. I have a sensor out at the front that turns on all 3 lights. This is fine if I’m coming home as it turns on the front lights and also the light by the front door. However when I’m leaving the house it doesn’t work as well as the light by the door is off and only triggered when I’m by the front of the house where its of no use coming on.

I have a smart button by the front door hallway. Ideally id like to set the button so that when pressed it triggers a motion dectected to the front outdoor sensor. That way the lights come on as per the outdoor motion sensors settings (two slots, and what to do when no motion detected etc.) in the hue app. Happy to use hue essentials to configure the outdoor motion sensor if that can help.

I thought i may be able to do this with the toggle sensor option, but that is actually to turn the sensor on and off. I was hoping it was to trigger motion.

Any ideas please?

Thank you