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Hue Smart Button to Toggle Light (not Group)

I wish to configure a Hue Smart Button to simply toggle a specific light on/off. This light is part of a group, but I just want this button to toggle this light on/off, not the group.

This is trivial using the official Hue app, but it uses 14 bridge rules, and I’ve hit my bridge rule limit. I was told your app can do this and save rules, but cannot find a way, it appears to only allow toggling of groups, not individual lights.

When I add an action, there is an option to “toggle light”, but it then prompts for on or off (i.e. not a toggle). If I add a condition, it offers “group on state” and “device state” (devices are sensors etc, not lights), but no “light state”.

The wizard offers “toggle group”, and achieves this by adding 2 conditional actions - “if group is off, set 100%” and “if group is on, switch off”. Simples, but only for groups, not for individual lights.

Just clarifying why I want this - this wall light is part of a group for the whole room, with smart buttons by each door to control the whole room (toggle through scenes, dim etc.), but I also have a smart button by each light, just to switch the specific light on/off. Various family members and visitors struggle with the concept of scenes, and just want to turn specific lights on/off. Seems like a very simple requirement.

I could use a multi-button switch like the Hue or Tradfri dimmer, so each button has a specific action, but the smart button is much more user friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

Have I missed something? Had a good browse on here, found lots about toggling groups, but nothing about toggling specific lights.

Many thanks, Ben

I’m guessing that’s a “no comment”? Any suggestions for a work-around?

Hello Ben, at the moment there is no option to toggle a light on and off with a single button. It is on the wish list for future development. However, what you could do is create a new Zone (or Group), with only this light you want to toggle. Then you can use that on your smart control. A light can be in multiple zones (and groups) even when it is already in a Room.

Please let me know if you have any questions.