Hue motion sensor

I have a motion sensor and hue leds, I have set that if it detects movement, it lights up the leds for 2 minutes, but…
if the sensor detects that the room is very bright (turns on the main light), it will turn off the LEDs

and when the light goes out, the sensor for 2 minutes does not react until the time runs out

I enter the room - the LEDs light up - I turn on the main light - the LEDs turn off by themselves - I turn off the main light - the LEDs do not react until the sensor counts 2 minutes

can you somehow reset the sensor?

You can reset the motion sensor using the wizard button. You may also need to tap the three dots, and go to Temperature and Light level, and reset the settings there as well.

In your situation I think you can use the Cancel motion sensor actions, see the following: How to use "Cancel Motion Sensor Actions"

Let me know if you have any questions.