Hue Motion Sensor turns off lights after detection but not on

I’ve set up the device and paired it with a light. For around a week or two, everything worked like a charm - I’d enter its sensor range and the light would turn on. After the timer is half way, the light would dim and then shut off when the timer expired.

Now that holds true except it doesn’t turn the light on. If I turn it on, it’ll still dim it and turn it off as expected.

I’ve reset and readded, change the settings and rooms, incorrect behavior doesn’t stop.

Can you please share a screenshot of your motion sensor configuration? What happens if you use the wizard to set up the sensor?

Screenshot attached.

I also deleted the sensor and re-added it using the wizard using the default settings. Same behavior. The settings shows the light levels will allow it to trigger and the app displays when it detected motion.

Something I didn’t try before. If the light dims prior to being turned off (after I manually turned the light on after a motion event), motion will bring it back to full bright. However, if the light is off, be it that it turned it off or not, it will not turn back on.

Your screenshot seems to be from the Hue App and not the Hue Essentials app. Unfortunately, I cannot fix issues in other apps I didn’t create. Please get in touch with Philips Hue about your issue, or set it up using Hue Essentials. This community is about the third party app Hue Essentials for Philips Hue lights.