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Hue Motion Sensor - trigger after period of time

Hi there,

I am wondering if it is possible to set a Hue motion sensor to trigger a light/plug only after motion has been detected for a period of time…ie not trigger immediately but only after prolonged motion. I want to use a motion sensor to turn on a bathroom fan via a Hue plug - but don’t want the fan to turn on for brief comings and goings…only when someone is in there for a longer period of time.


hi, i think you can solve by using alexa routines, which foresee actions for the sensors also for undetected movements for a certain period that you can set at will

Good idea - however, I’ve had a look and Alexa routines only let me specify a period of time for ‘movement not detected’ - with movement detected there is no ability to specify a time.

you have to think the other way around … i have not tried but it should work: from the app you turn on and then you do not do any action … from akexa routine you turn off only if movement is not detected after the minutes you want … let us know if it works. …

i have read your need better … my answer is not correct … it is valid if, on the contrary, you do not want to turn off to come and go …