Hue Motion sensor not visible in Formula


I have two Outdoor Motion Sensors installed in my garden and have just added an indoor Motion Sensor. I was planning to use the indoor sensor as a daylight detector to switch on some lights in and around the house. I cannot use the two outdoor sensors for this purpose, as they are setup to detect motion in two parts of the garden.

I see all three sensors in the Accessory overview:

However when I want to configure the ‘Daylight as a Switch’ the motion sensor it not selectable in the Labs overview:

I have reinstalled the sensor already two times, but it simple is not showing in the Labs list. Does anybody have an idea if this can be solved?

Thx a million!

Il problema potrebbe essere collegato al fatto che philips hue ha messo in commercio recentemente nuovo sensore movimento da interni, (praticamente identico a quello precedente, ma con rilevazione portata movimenti maggiorata ed altre modifiche) ad oggi ancora non
compatibile con hue labs…

This is unrelated to Hue Essentials so I cannot fix this.