Hue Motion Sensor Lights dont go off


My Setup:
Deconz/Phoscon Bridge on a Raspberry with an Conbee II Stick
Hue Motion Sensor
Ledvance LED

The Motion Sensor should only trigger the Ledvance in an specific time window (for an example 00:00 to 06:00 - i want to use it as a nightlamp), any other time the light should be manual triggered (ambiente light)… ok, if i define the time in the app under the “motion tab”, the light works as aspected, it goes on in the night, but - in the “no motion tab”, if i define turn off (with a couple of minutes) between 00:00 and 06:00, nothing happens - the light goes on but never turn off…

Only when i set no Conditon in the “no motion tab” the lights will go off, but then it happens also when turned on manually which is a little bit annoying… Is this a known bug or is this a broken setting? I have also resetted the motion sensor with the Wizard, no change!

This is a known bug, please see the following: