Hue motion sensor at night

New to hue and very disappointed. I have a question on the motion sensor, as well as two observations…

  1. I have a motion sensor. I want it to turn on a group of lights when I get up at night so i can go to the toilet, and turn the lights back off when i am back in my bedroom. How do i do this?

The motion sensor settings are useless! Can i not add an option to only turn on the lights if all other lights are off (that‘s the case when im sleeping)?

  1. what is the point of these automations if you have to open the hue app and go through 3-4 clicks to activate them? Can you define times or triggers for these?

  2. why is there an external browser prompt for the labs? It’s merely a slim list of 20-30 modes… and then if you add them, you need to go all the way to the labs page to toggle them?