Hue lights not properly remembering last scene state

3 days ago I had a power outage and lost connection to a hue dimmer remote. I deleted and reinstalled it and messed with the settings for all the remotes.

Now I have a problem. My 4 lights remember the state they were in when they are turned off regardless if it was turned off by scene change, individual off switch in the app or a global all off. When I hit the on button in the app or dimmer ALL lights turn on to the state they were in even if when I pressed off only 1 light was on.

Example: I have 4 lights and 2 scenes. Scene 1: 2 lights low red 2 lights off, scene 2: 4 lights high red.

I select scene 2, scene 1, off. When I press ON previously and what I want is scene 1 to turn on. What I get now is scene 1 turns on and the 2 lights that I expect to be turn on high red, which is the last setting they had before they were turned off by scene change.

Single scene, last off state is the current dimmer remote setting.