HUE installation over 100 bulbs - more bridges - simultaneous control from Essentials?

we want to use Hue Bridge to control 4 groups of HUE bulbs (retrofit GU10/RGB) in one building.

Each group would use 1 HUE bridge, the counts are 21 + 24 + 19 + 47 bulbs. So in total 4 HUE Bridge.

Control via Smart Button, Dimmer Switches, always for one group only (I know of a limit of max 50 bulbs per 1 controller).
Also Hue Essentials App. It’s easy to control simultaneously from Hue Essentials?

Can such a configuration be recommended, considering the numbers of bulbs and bridges?

Will there be no problem with control and Zigbee channels ?

You can control multiple bridges in Hue Essentials, it should work great with 4 Hue bridges.

In order to prevent interference between the bridges, make sure they are all using a different Zigbee channel. You can change the Zigbee channel on the bridge screen under the Devices tab. There are four different Zigbee channels, so that matches your setup perfectly.

Even if you would be using the same Zigbee channel on some bridges, I expect it won’t be that big of an issue if the lights don’t overlap too much.

Note that you cannot create a group containing lights from multiple bridges. That means you cannot control multiple bridges from one smart switch.

In Hue Essentials you can also not group lights from multiple bridges. However, you are able to switch on/off all lights connected to the app by using the main switch at the top on the Home screen.

And by the way, the actual limit for a Hue bridge is 63 lights. However, you may notice that is becomes slower, so less lights is a bit better. So one smart switch can control 63 lights.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Hi Thomas,
thank you, we’ve already dealt with that, it shouldn’t be a problem as you say.

I was more concerned about controlling such a system with 4 bridges from Essentials App, because in the native application the common operation of multiple bridges Philips was silently cancelled, and the bridges have to be switched again :anguished:

So can I use the “master” switch in Essentials, to turn On/Off everything on all HUE bridges simultaneously? Nice :+1:

Otherwise the real possible number of bulbs on one HUE bridge is really around 50, your number 63 is just a “paper value”. SIGNIFY points this out in many places. At 63 it starts to get pretty slow and unreliable.