Hue Essentials for watchOS installation issue

Hue Essentials is available for watchOS.

Hue Essentials installs to your Apple Watch automatically. If this does not happen, then check the following:

  • Your paired iPhone requires iOS 13.4 or higher. Check on your phone in general, software update for the latest version. You can also open the watch app on your iPhone, general, software update.

  • If your paired iPhone runs iOS 13.3 or lower, then it will not send updated watchOS to your watch. Your watch requires watchOS 6.2.

  • Make sure your iPhone has enough space for the update of your iOS version.

  • If you are running beta iOS releases on your iPhone and are not using beta watchOS on your watch, then it may not update watchOS. This causes Hue Essentials not to install to the watch. So make sure you are running either beta releases on all your devices or stable releases on all devices.

  • Apple Watch series 1 or higher are required.