Hue Essentials app / when I am not at home

Can you tell me, wen i am out of home, how i can see, if
my acess from the outside is on.
Is there any sign in the Hue essential App ?

Thank you for informations

I have excactly same situation. I can control two bridges with philips Hue application but not with Hue essentials application. I have bought the premium version of that, but still cannot connect remotely. I even made two accounts.

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On the devices screen you can see whether you are away from home. If you bridge says “Connected”, it is connected on your local network. If it says “Away from home”, it is connected remotely.

If you tap on the bridge, you can see the option Away from home. Here you can sign in or sign out with your Hue account. If you see a cloud with no slash through it, you are currently signed in.

You need to sign in with your Philips Hue account in Hue Essentials to be able to control your Hue lights while away from home.

See the following: How can I control my lights while away from home?

Let me know if you have any questions.

Another Idea
Why don’t you establish a VPN Connection to your Home-Net ?
With VPN your are “at Home” and use the App as you where at home, without any Cloud