Hue Essentials app crashes instantly since Android 12

The Hue Essentials app unfortunately crashes instantly after launching the app. This behavior occurs since my recent Android OS update to Android 12 (yesterday on my Google Pixel 4).

I already reinstalled the app, but the problem still exists.

Reply from Thomas:
“Thanks for the feedback Christoph. There is a known issue with Hue Bluetooth lights on Android 12. There will be an update soon with a fix. As a workaround for now, please go to Android settings, apps, Hue Essentials, permissions. There grant Hue Essentials the nearby devices permission (Bluetooth). Please let me know if this works. Regards, Thomas”

Next Issue:
Thank you for your fast reply, the app works with your suggested workaround. Looking forward to the official update.
But maybe you can look into the Tasker automation as well: The automation works for the task but if you want to use it in another task the app crashes again with the error message: “Hue Essentials wird wiederholt beendet”

Thanks for the feedback about Tasker. I looked into it and was able to reproduce the issue. Android 12 introduced even more background restrictions which appear to have broken the Tasker plugin. I am working on a fix and hope to update the app soon.

As a workaround, please disable battery optimizations for Hue Essentials. That should allow Tasker to start Hue Essentials in the background. See the following (but turn it off instead of on): Keep adaptive battery & battery optimization on - Pixel Phone Help. Once the update is available with a fix, you can turn battery optimizations on again if you want.

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Nice, thank you, good luck with the bugfix :)!

Version 1.24.3 is now available.

The Bluetooth permission issue is now fixed.

The Tasker plugin crash has been fixed as well.
If you set a timeout for the task then you no longer need to ignore battery optimizations. The best option is to just set the timeout to “Never”, swipe the timeout slider completely to the right in Tasker. This is also now the default value for new tasks.
If you still want the timeout to be set to None, then you would need to ignore battery optimizations. That is due to new limitations in Android 12. Hue Essentials will show this in an error notification if action is required.

None - Tasker will continue to the next task without waiting for completion. Requires battery optimizations to be ignored.
1-3599 - Tasker will wait for the action to complete and will cancel it if it does not complete within the specified amount of seconds.
Never - Tasker will wait for the action to complete. This is the recommended value and now the default for new tasks.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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