Hue dimmer switch long press feature

Hello folks,

so I just bought Premium of the app.

First of it’s pretty straightforward and amazing how you can set things more in depth than the native one.

I’m just playing around with the functions of the dimmer switch.

Basically I want the first touch of the “On button” to turn on the lights in the living room and the second touch to turn on the kitchen lights, holding the button turns on the lights in the bedroom.

So everything’s working as it should, but if I intend to just holding the “On button” to turn on the lights in the bedroom, it also recognizes a simple first touch and turns on the lights in the living room too.

Vice versa for the “Off button”.

Do you guys already have any ways to set it up right?

Kind regards

P.S.: Nice draft feature, I accidentally closed my browser, but it got restored :slight_smile:

What you need to do is move the actions from the Press tab to the Release (press) tab. The actions under Release (press) will not be executed if you hold the button. See for more information: Hue Dimmer Switch, Hold Button - #2 by Thomas

For more information about the smart controls, see: Smart controls configuration (devices like switches or sensors)

Let me know if you have any questions.