Hue Dimmer Switch issue


I have in my living room 2 groups of lights, grouped into a zone, which I would like to control with the dimmer switch.

What I would like to do, is to be able to change the scenes when I repeatedly press the I button ONLY for the group which is currently on, not for the whole zone.


Go to your dimmer switch in Hue Essentials under Devices, select a button, tap the wizard (icon). Then tap Set up selected button, Cycle through scenes. Here you can select scenes which will be cycled when pressing the button multiple times.

You could create different scenes for your groups. If you only want the scenes to trigger a part of your zone/group, then you could create another zone/group with those lights and create the scenes in there.

I think I have not explained my issue very well.

I have Multiple Presses set for that button. If I press to change the scene of the first group in the zone - which is on, as I want, it’s also turning on the second group in the zone too.
Practically, I think the issue I have could be solved by being able to set a condition IF (like Group on state) when on Multiple Presses.

I totally agree with vadiro here, possibility to make the action only for lights that are currently on would be great. Brightness already has this behavior.

Cheers, Tom

Ok, thanks for the feedback. It is on the wish list now!