Hue Dimmer Switch, Hold Button

I have set four lights to turn on when I press the “1” button, and another light to turn on when I hold the “1” button.
If I hold the “1” button, all five lights turn on. I would have expected only the hold light to turn on, not all of them.
Have I missed something?

The Hold actions are executed in addition to the Press actions. So if you hold the button, both the actions for Press and Hold are executed.

If that is not what you want, remove your actions from Press and add them to Release (Press). The actions for Release (Press) are not executed when holding the button, but only after releasing the button after a short press.

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Thank you, that worked!

Anyone have a fix for this too: If you use the condition on the button, to have different actions for one press and for two presses, if you press the button twice in fast succession, both the lights for the first press and the second press are executed.

Great to hear you have it working now! Unfortunately your second request is not possible at the moment. The multiple presses condition is meant to execute the actions for each press when pressing multiple times. I added your request to the wish list for future development.

I’d love to see this.