Hue dimmer switch - cycle scenes

Hi there,
I’m on premium and I’d like to setup my hue dimmer switch to cycle some scenes in a group by pressing the on-button several times (release press).
In addition to that I want to turn off the same group by holding the on-button.
Unfortunately the tutorials I found seem to be not up-to-date.
If I select my dimmer switch in the devices section and choose the on-button (top button), the wizard shows no option to setup the selected button.
Only setup all buttons, setup dimm-buttons, reset all buttons and reset selected button are available.
If I use the setup all buttons option, the button will be configured automatically with some presets, no possibilty to customize the wizard.
If I use the + button, there is no possibility to select a cycle scenes option.
How can I manage to achieve the desired function?
Do I have to go the old way by adding the scenes manually to first press, second press etc.?
Thank you for an answer