(Hubitat) CoCoHue with Hue Essentials


I’m using Hubitat and for the Hue lights I’m using CoCoHue Hue-bridge integration. Basically it means that I can control my Hue-lights from Hubitat and build automations with it.

I’m also using Hue Essentials because of its wicked scenes and cool color transitions. I integrated Hue-bridges with CoCoHue and all scenes and groups from Hue-bridge are now listed in Hubitat. Integration also listed all Hue Essentials scenes that are saved to bridge. For some reason Hue Essential scenes are not working like Hue’s original scenes. Hue Essentials scenes are actually doing nothing when I’m turning them on and off from Hubitat.

Asked CoCoHue developer that is there a possibility to use Hue Essentials scenes too and answer was:

Yeah, I’m not sure how Hue Essentials stores its “scenes” or effects. If they use a Hue API Sensor to start the scene/effect, then that actually might work now via the new-ish Hue Labs feature (that’s how those works, but it looks only for specific types, as “sensor” in the Hue API sense encompasses a lot of things–motion sensors, buttons, Labs activators, etc., so it needs to narrow them down)0 It’s possible they combine “real” Hue scenes with other parts of the Hue API, which could explain why they show up (and I assume don’t have the intended effect, though that’s not clear to me from the description). I don’t use this app so can’t look myself. Might get to it some day, but no guarantees. In the meantime, real Hue scenes and most Hue Labs activators should work.

So my question for you is: does Hue Essentials use Hue Api sensor to start and stop scene? I’m trying to get some information that could be useful for the CoCoHue developer and of course for you too. :slight_smile: