How to return to Last scene's default brightness with Motion Sensor?


I’m trying to set my motion sensor to switch my lights back on to the previous scene with the brightness that I’ve selected. I’m using the “Toggle Group (Switch on)” setting when there’s motion to switch the lights back on but it’s switching the lights back on at the dimmed brightness. How do I switch lights back to the pre dimmed brightness?


Please reset your motion sensor using the wizard. Then set it up using the wizard and go through the steps. After you have selected your group, scenes, and times, there should be an option to restore to the previous state when there is no motion.

You could also add the Return to previous state action manually to the no motion tab. See for more information: Smart controls configuration (devices like switches or sensors)

Let me know if you have any questions.

Sorry Thomas my question wasn’t clear.

The problem right now is that if I set lights to dim and switch off when there is no motion, next time when there is motion the lights will be dimmed when lights are turned on, and it will get dimmer and dimmer every time.