How to hide unreachable bridge

A partner of mine and I recently switched our homes to the Phillps Hue system and started using Hue Essentials.

My app is connected to both bridges.

However, when I’m at my place, the bridge of my partner is of course not reachable, and I also don’t want to control the lights in her flat when I’m not there. Vice versa if I’m at her place, the bridge at my place is not reachable.

One of the following would solve my issue:

  1. Hue Essentials is not showing any rooms, groups, zones or lights for bridges which currently aren’t reachable.

  2. I can temporarily disable/hide a bridge in the app (e.g. by tapping on it and selecting an option. Later I can enable it again.

  3. What I tried is to put all groups/zones/rooms of my flat into favorites. This way, I can see only my stuff on one list. But I can’t see a list of only my partners stuff. An option would be needed, to be able to create additional groups (like those favorites). Drawback of that solution is, that the overall on-off toggle on the top of the app, still controls everything and not only the favorites. So when I click it, it will always give me an error message about the bridge in the other flat not being reachable at the moment.

Any idea of how to solve that?
Maybe this needs to be a new feature in the app. Or is this already doable with the current capabilities?


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I just tried it again, and it looks like the overall on/off toggle just switches stuff in favorites.
So being able to define more sections than favorites would be a perfect solution actually.

Hi Nomike,

thanks for the detailed feedback!

Unfortunately option 1 would not be so easy to implement, as the Hue bridge can be controlled while Away from Home if you sign in with your Philips Hue account. If the groups would be hidden for unreachable bridges, you won’t be able to control them anymore.

Option 3, adding more favourites (or multiple “homes”) in the app looks like the best way to me. I added it to the wish list for future development. Note that there are a lot of requests so it can take some time before this is added.