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How to create running light with the Effect Creator?

  1. In Hue Essentials, first open a room/group/zone, and then go to the third tab (:zap: lightning icon) at the top. Tap the + button to open the Effect Creator
  2. Select a storage location
  3. Keep the advanced settings on the defaults except for the following:
    • Disable the setting Switch on lights when started
    • Enable the setting Toggle light states in frames
  4. Tap the + button and select Palette
  5. Select one of the palettes
  6. Tap every light and switch off the toggle but leave one light on. This should be the first light in the sequence
  7. Tap the save button
  8. Repeat steps 4-7 for every light in the sequence
  9. Modify the delays in between the palette frames to your liking. For instance you can decrease the delay to only one second in between the frames
  10. Give the effect a name like “my running light”
  11. Tap the Save button at the top
  12. Now you can start the effect

Optionally you can start an effect that is saved on the bridge from a smart control.

For more information about the Effect Creator: How to use the Effect Creator?