How to control multiple rooms with smart control

Hey all,

im using the origianl Phillips Smart Controller like in the Picture.
I want to use it to controll two rooms with that.

First Question!

In my configuration I have two buttons I really don’t understand. Can you please explain what they mean. I have only the german version of it but it should be on the same position in the english version. What can I do with this?

Second Question?
I want to use the contoroller like that

1 push on the upper button --> Light in living room --> bright
2 push --> sece 1
3 push --> scene 2

1 push on the lowest button --> Light off in the living room

so far so good.


I want to turn on the light in the office too

1 long push on the upper button --> light in office -->bright
1 long push on the lower button --> light in office --> off

but it will not work i always turn on also the light in the living room.

What is the problem?

Maybe i don’t understand the working of the controller right?


I think your first and your second question are related. The Hue Dimmer switch is able to send 4 different command per button:

  1. short press (drücken)
  2. long press (halten)
  3. release of the button after pressing it shortly (Loslassen (drücken))
  4. release of the button after long pressing (loslassen (halten))

So, if you do a short press it sends 2 commands: 1) and 3)
If you long press it sends 3 commands: 1), then 2), then 4)

That is why the light you set to toggle on short press toggles on long press. The remote sends the same command. To circumvent this you have to set the trigger of the first light to 2) release after short press. This event only triggers after pressing shortly.

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