How to add routine when away from home

While being on holiday I forgot to create a routine to switch on and off lights during the evening. So I created a new routine while being äway from home". However, the app did not accept it.

How can you add a routine while being away from home?

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In many cases it is not possible to create routines at a location outside your LAN area. Some manufacturers even advertise this as an advantage in terms of security and functionality. A solution for this depends on the hardware you use. What do you use?
In some cases it is possible to work around this with an app like ALEXA. Alexa allows you to control elements from outside the LAN.
I have tested this with IKEA Home Smart and the gateway from Phoscon/deCONZ. With Philips-Signify it should also be possible to control elements even without ALEXA or a similar App.

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Creating schedules while away from home is currently not possible. I will add support for this in the next version of Hue Essentials for the Philips Hue bridge. That will be Hue Essentials version 1.14.0 for Android and version 1.8.0 on iOS.