How do I turn off lights and keep them off all night in kids room?

I want to dim or turn off light for my kids before bed, but they keep switching them back on with the dumb wall switch. Can this be prevented?

Remove the dumb switch? Hotwire it to always on and only use the remote/app

I meant how do I do it with the app… I am not going to mess around with any hot wires. I know there must be a way because I somehow did that once on another app.

Maybe with something like this ?

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Depending on the lights you own you can probably change the power on behaviour to start “off”.

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This sounds like exactly what I need! Thanks for pointing out.

That’s what I thought too, but I can’t get to that setting without an update and when I tried to do update, app was just hanging for a long time so I exited. Not sure what was supposed to be updated, the app or the bridge?

The power-on behaviour looks like the best way to me. The post mentioned by @iroQuai would work as well, but isn’t as fast as the power-on behaviour and could slow down your bridge.

To be able to use power-on behaviour, both the Hue bridge and the Philips Hue lights need to be updated. You can update them by going to the devices tab in Hue Essentials, select your bridge, and go to software update. Updates can take a long time and you can close the app while the devices are updating.

After the bridge and lights are updated, go to the devices tab, select your light, and set the power-on behaviour to Return to previous state.

This is what I did and it still does not give me the power on option… I guess the update didn’t work, how long is a long time? I will try it again, I really want this to work.

Does the light screen say you need to update your light to use power-on behaviour? Are you using Philips Hue lights? Does the software update screen show there are updates currently installing or can you check for updates?

Yes, it says I need to update and yes I have Hue bridge v1 and Phillips Hue bulbs. Update screen was showing that updates are installing. I am thinking may be a problem with my router since internet access is lost sometimes…

The Hue bridge v1 (round) does not receive updates anymore. That explains why you can not update your bridge and lights. You will need to upgrade to the bridge v2 (square) to be able to use power-on behaviour and many other new features.

See the following:

Yes, I heard about that, so I decided to upgrade to Bridge 2.0 and that turned out to be quite an experience. I could not migrate my lights to the new bridge, so I called Hue support and they told me the Only way to do it was for me to unsrew every one of my 30 or so hue lights, get the serial numbers and then manually enter them into the new bridge. I told them this cannot be the only way and they assured me that it is, so naturally I hung up and figured out how to transfer without doing all that in 5 min. I want to say Unbelievable right now, but the sad truth is the quality of major manuf. technical support in recent years just gone down to total shit across the board. Anyway, I am going to try this with the new bridge now. Thank you.