How can I connect Trådfri blinds (FYRTUR and KADRILJ) in Hue Essentials

The blinds (rollers) from IKEA can be controlled in Hue Essentials. They only work on the IKEA Trådfri Gateway.

First you need to connect them within the original IKEA app. After that you can find and control them within Hue Essentials.

You cannot add them to your Philips Hue bridge as this is unsupported. Philips would need to add support for this in order for Hue Essentials to introduce them.

These blinds like FYRTUR and KADRILJ could be added on the deCONZ bridge (ConBee).

Good to know Robert, just a question regarding this. If I get a couple of the Ikea blinds including the Ikea Gateway, and I’ve also got the Philips Hue Bridge, am I able to control a group of FYRTUR or KADRILJ blinds with the Philips Hue Dimmer Switch, connected through the Hue Essentials app?

The Philips Hue dimmer switch only works on the Philips Hue bridge or on a deCONZ.

The blinds do not work on a Philips Hue bridge at all.

Alternatives (working in Hue Essentials):

  1. connect all devices (or only blinds and the dimmer switch) on a deCONZ bridge.
  2. use the smart control which comes with the IKEA blinds and connect this on the IKEA Gateway to control the blinds. You would need "multiple bridges " package. This is only supported on Hue Essentials for Android.

Really, if you are up to the challenge, go for option 1. The ConBee solution is so much better than the IKEA gateway. This is supported on iOS and Android. There is a big crew of users who help each other. See more on

The Philips Hue bridge with its entertainment would have been an excellent solution but it does not deal with unknown devices. I do not see this change in the near future.

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Thanks for your reply Robert! At the moment I’m just looking into extending my Hue lightning situation with some Ikea blinds, preferably using just one nice app, and since I’ve loved the Hue Essentials app since I discovered it and the things it can do over the standard Hue app…

Might look into deCONZ/ConBee, thanks for pointing me into that direction!

Hi, I’m new here.

I have an IKEA KADRILJ roller shutter connected via the Trådfri bridge, and I have this gate connected to Hue Essentials (H.E.).
I remind you that I am H.E. bought mainly for better and more sophisticated control of IKEA blinds
I can make a blind from H.E. control, however I have the following problems:

  • the blind is displayed in the application as a light - I can do it in H.E. somehow change, I would like them in H.E. as an electric blind?

  • for the IKEA blind (Trådfri bridge) I can’t create a plan using the sunset/sunrise function, that is offered for the HUE bridge - only time is offered here (as in the native IKEA application), so I bought H.E. completely unnecessarily, or it is a problem of the Trådfri bridge

  • H.E. can’t remote access (from outside my WAN / LAN router) to HUE bridges or Trådfri - native HUE applications can do it remotely, can it be solved somehow?

The blinds are recognised as lights which is the case for many devices from outlets to curtain motors. This is because the bridge reports them this way. We are looking into ways how to separate them in another way as smart devices evolve. The icon should display a blind for the Fyrtur.

The sunrise / sunset is a limitation on the IKEA Gateway. Alternatively, use a deCONZ gateway through as this offers better solutions for wider smart solutions.

Remote access is called “away from home” in Hue Essentials. You find this in the Android app in the left panel (swipe from left). Log into your Philips Hue Account and you should be fine. IKEA Trådfri does not offer remote access. Alternatively, a VPN could be used to your home network. When using the solution mentioned before, you could set this up on the same Raspberry (with ConBee or RaspBee from Phoscon to run deCONZ). You can then install an app like OpenVPN on your phone and control your devices as if you were at home.


Any updates about this one?