HELP! Multiple Hue issues, routines, sensor, etc

For about a month (maybe longer) my hue lights seem to default to a dim that’s between ‘night light’ and ‘dim’ setting. It seems to be after a few hours of the lights being shut off. Although I don’t know what the actual length of time is. Sometimes I’ll turn them on the next day and once in a while it will be what the light was previously set to. All the lights do this.
I’m also having issues with my motion sensor. I have it set for if there’s a certain amount of light in the room for them to not turn on. It doesn’t seem to matter how much light is in the room. The lights still come on. It could be a very bright day and it doesn’t matter. I’ve deleted the sensor and re-added it and that doesn’t seem to fix the issue.
I used to have a routine set for when I would come home to turn on certain lights (kitchen/spare bedroom). I unchecked the spare bedroom in the app but the lights were still coming on. Then sometimes none of the lights would come on. All of these routines were working about a month or so ago. Nothing has changed with my network/router etc. It’s the same SSID/password etc. I’ve rebooted my router/modem as well. Been trying to talk to Hue via instagram but that’s too slow for my liking.
I never used to have any issues with the Hue app until lately this past month or so. Anyone else having any issues like this?