Help! Hue Sync Box dodgy?

Hello, please put me out of my misery and solve my issue…
I returned from holiday to find my gradient strip now only works manually via the hue app. My sync box is still working in that i can change the input and the TV will change to the right HDMI but when i ask it to sync it then says connecting and connects but the light doesnt work. Ive tried this on my digital box and my ps5, neither work. I use my ps5 to watch netflix and youtube so i can use the light but for some reason everything has suddenly stopped working as it was before my holiday.
Ive already tried the hard restart of the sync box, ive disconnected everything from the power supply and reconnected. I checked all the settings and i have tried with settings all active and with various options switched off. I checked all devices are running the latest software which they are. My Tv is running the inputs on bitstream not PCM which i read can cause issues. Dolby atmos is turned on which is normal but i tried with it off and it doesnt make a difference. I eventually deleted the hue and sync apps and reinstalled both the bridge and sync box from scratch. Ive tried turning on the dolby vision compatibility option on but again no change so ive turned it back off. Ive tried a different plug for the gradient light. Im completely baffled and getting rather frustrated about ever having paid out so much for this system which is just wasting my time and not working. The other month i had an issue with the hue app not working so i deleted it and reinstalled it and after setting all the entertainment area and gradient strip back up etc it began working fine again. I am out of ideas and dont even know which item is faulty, im assuming the gradient strip and bridge are fine as the light does work using the galery themes or static colour option. The sync box isnt completely faulty though as the app is still allowing me to change the HDMI input but the light doesnt illuminate, instead it stays a very dim white standby like colour. =(
For the money involved i wasnt expecting to keep having issues once its all set up. I assumed maybe an update has occured whilst ive been on holiday? I can rule a power surge out the question as i use surge protectors. Hmmm.
Final bit of info, when i first set the system up i did have to put my ps5 into safe mode and change some settings as i couldnt even get the sync box to show the video from the ps5 hdmi. I found a useful video on this on youtube and is how i got it working to begin with. But like i say the sync box is still allowing the visuals for the ps5 and regardless i would still get visuals and light synchronisation on my media digital box. I have got the controls on my hue app to control the hdmi inputs so ive also tried doing it this way rather than use the sync app in case of a bug but i still get the same results. The input changes but nothing happens with the light strip.
Apologies this is so lengthy but hopefully ive given a lot of useful info. Im just hoping someone has come accross this issue before??? :pensive: